Bye bye...

it has been fun while it lasted, but I'm afraid I'm moving on now.

Starting today, I will not update my blog anymore but start a new one at LJ.
You're welcome to visit anytime.
My basic info, my link to flickr etc. will remain here.

Maybe one day I will return when your service is more reliable.
Until then I remain yours truely,
15.7.05 16:13

Tiny act of craftiness

Yesterday I cleaned out the bag I was dragging around South Africa (not a day too soon, we came back home over three months ago...). Beside my passport and some dinnermints I collected in various restaurants over there, I found a 'Savanna Dry' crown cap. There was a slightly smaller magnet in my drawer, so I glued it inside the cap. My husband wanted to have it as a souvenir for his magnetic board:

Image hosted by
It really does remind me of our honeymoon everytime I see it (no, we didn't get plastered every day...) because there are a lot of 'junk' crafts in South Africa. They use bottlecaps, telephone wire etc. and turn it into a piece of art.
'Savanna Dry' is a typical South African beverage - it's cider and you stick a lemon wedge in the bottleneck before you drink it.

'' was down again today. I'm seriously considering to switch to another blog host. CAN YOU HEAR ME MYBLOG???

Out of curiosity I preordered the adult edition of 'Harry Potter and the halfblood prince'. Adult edition? I can't imagine Harry doing anything naughty, can you?
14.7.05 13:45

Like a squirrel...

Am I the only one doing this? I keep buying crafting and sewing supplies like crazy but don't actuallly get around to do anything with it. My bad conscience keeps nagging, but what can you do?
So here is what I brought back from my latest shopping spree at "Frau Tulpe" ("Mrs. Tulip") here in Berlin, a cute little sewing shop I just discovered.

Image hosted by
(I especially love the little iron-on asian girl)

Image hosted by
(Can you see that one of the borders has faces all over?)

Any suggestions for projects?
12.7.05 19:34

Still in shock...

But glad that Katrin who usually lives in London was visiting her parents in Germany at that time. When we were there just about three weeks ago, we changed trains at Liverpoolstreet station to get to the airport. I even remember thinking that a thing like that might happen while we were on the tube! Last year Katrin told us that she and a lot of collegues changed from taking the tube to work to taking the bus... This is so terrible and my heart goes out to those who were caught in these blasts or worrying about their loved ones.

If you want to take your mind of things and happen to own a Blythe (or know a Blythe owner) - you might want to try the zen meditation of crochet:
Image hosted by

This is a hat I made quite a while ago. If you want to make your own you basically have to crochet 5 granny squares (about 5cmx5cm) and join them with your crochet hook. Use four squares to form a ring, the fifth square is for the top... Easy!
10.7.05 12:46

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